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journey companions

Poetry and Reflections for Contemplation

by Justin Simpson


About The Book

Journey Companions is collections of poems and reflections for those on a life journey.  It’s for those shifting in their faith perspective or exploring contemplative spirituality.  The poems are simple and accessible, whilst being heart-felt, contemplative and opening up deeper understandings.  The weekly reflections help the reader to ponder their journey in different ways.  Journey Companions invites the reader into a bigger space, a process of discovery, a journey outward.

What’s inside

Just the One

Have you been yearning,
leaning in?
Seeking to be still
and refilled
in what you’re becoming?

Let’s sit quietly
Share our heart
with each other.

Few things
really matter,
just the one.



Contemplative Reflections

In a time in my own life when there is much going on – a baby, teenagers, and plenty of other pressures - these poems have been an unexpected gift for my soul. My own burdened praying is met here by the quiet patience of God, already around me.

David Fotheringham, Moderator, Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania

Jus insightfully taps into the stirrings within hearts and souls across various tribes and traditions in this current season. Jus' carefully crafted poems beckon us toward stillness and slowness; toward an attentive appreciation for the sacred present moment and to what is right before us. They call us toward deeper integration with all living things, and a liberating spaciousness that nurtures expansion and growth.

Claire Harvey, Ethos

Justin is an integral part of our Quaker meeting. As we have journeyed alongside him in his creation of this book, we have experienced the affective power of his poetry as a pathway to contemplation, creativity and community.

Friends Online Recognised Meeting, NSW Regional Meeting

I’m happy to commend Journey Companions, which invites the reader into a contemplative space. I think the poems and accompanying reflections could deeply encourage and enrich any reader’s prayer life. I’m looking forward to using them.

Bruce Henry, Presiding Clerk, Quakers Australia

A leader leads from their convictions and Justin does so whole-heartedly. Exploring unfamiliar practices and being open to new insights has required his courage, intent and vulnerability.

Naomi Swindon, Scripture Union Australia

Over the last six months I have been reading Justin’s poems. When times have been a little hard, I have turned to Justin’s poems and found great comfort in them. They guide me, gently, through the maze of uncertainty that surrounds us today.

Bryan Milne, Quaker friend

Justin‘s light-filled poems guided and encouraged me to be still and quietly reflect. To my surprise, this allowed the poetry of my own soul to blossom.

Maggi Storr, Quaker friend

In his poems, Justin shares his deepest thoughts, expresses his joy, and includes us in his contemplation quest. We have quickly grown to love the poet and his poetry. These poems are short, connect with the moment, then guide you to a special contemplative space.

Myrtle and Alan Trubody, Quaker friends 

About the AUTHOR.

Justin has been an organisational leader for more than two decades, including spans of Christian ministry. For the past five years, he has grown in contemplative spirituality and seen his faith significantly shift. This has found expression in his poetry and the creation of Journey Companions, his first book.

Justin lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Deb, three young adult children, Liam, Alannah and Callum, and two dogs, Maisy and Ned.